HAPPY PARENTING: QUOTES AND VIDEOS AND IDEAS… O MY! Does Happy Parenting actually exist? Can we still be the women we were before we had children? Are we doomed to be miserable forever? Literally, every day brings a new set of challenges to face. Not only as moms but as women in general. You are not just a stay-at-home-mom/working mother. You are so much more… You are a: daughter sister aunt friend wife/girlfriend/lover employee/boss All of these jobs bring different joys and stresses. They come together to make us the people we are today and every day. They are a big part of who weRead More →

This is going to be a running diary… Valentine’s Recap of the past week. Friday February 10 2017 This week has been pretty full. We did a lot of projects and had a lot of fun. Allie and mommy did not make the crafts we planned to do because I did not have the supplies we needed. So we improvised and made some quick Valentine’s for the family.         Allie decided to take a break and have a snack.   Saturday February 11 2017 Allie’s daddy and I celebrated Valentine’s Day together. Allie spent the night with her mom-mom and cousin Kaila. WeRead More →

“I claim there ain’t another saint as great as Valentine.” -Ogden Nash Valentine’s Day crafts are a great way to bond with your little ones. I love watching Allie discover different ways to express herself, even if she gets a little messy. It is so amazing how her mind works. She is such a quick learner. Since she is now old enough to understand paint and crafts a little better, I wanted to do something fun for Valentine’s Day. I searched Pinterest for some toddler appropriate Valentine’s Day Craft ideas. It did not disappoint. So I now present to you the crafts I will beRead More →

Every day is a chance to do something fun with our little ones. Set aside some quality time to share with your children. These are a few fun National Days to celebrate and enjoy with your little ones. National Days to Celebrate with Kids Celebrate February February 1 is an opportunity to share inspiring stories of perseverance; it’s a reminder to pick ourselves up when we’ve fallen and give it another go! January is National Skating Month, when rinks across the country bring communities together to experience the joys and benefits of skating. One of the first lessons every figure skater learns is how toRead More →

Chocolate is a temptation for both young children and adults. We may find this sweet delight in different forms- chocolate spread, chocolate cookies, normal chocolate candies etc. Who has not grated at least one in his/her life with the spoon in the empty jar of chocolate? Not to mention the children, who usually eat the chocolate with all of their face. The proud mothers of these children are constantly looking for a way to remove the stubborn stains from the clothes, the carpet or the upholstery. In this article I would like to give you advice about how you can get rid of the chocolate stains onceRead More →

Parenting Differences: Then and Now Considering I am only 33 I don’t have very much knowledge of the parenting differences in the past 50 years. I was wondering what the big differences were from then to now. I decided to take a survey and do a little research to see how different the styles of parenting really are now. Why do we have a fixation with parenting? One possible explanation comes from the issues parents face in raising children in today’s society. The media regularly report national statistics such as: every 1 second a public high school student is suspended every 9 seconds a child dropsRead More →

Even before I had a child I have always had many opinions about different topics. Piercing my daughters ears is one of the big ones. Even before I had a child I have always had many opinions about different topics. Piercing my… Click To Tweet I have always felt very strongly against this but I never actually thought of the reasoning behind my decision. I thought about this the other day. I came up with 5 reasons that resonate with me. Here are the 5 reasons I will not be piercing my daughters ears myself: If the earring is pulled it can tear the earlobeRead More →