Hotel, Motel, Holiday Inn… Where to stay on vacation?


When you start to plan a vacation, what do you pick first? Probably the destination, right? Well. I have a challenge for you. the next vacation you plan choose the TYPE of place you will stay first. Whether it be hotel, condo, house or villa. Then you can choose the destination that has the best options for the place you chose.

Here, I have compiled some suggestions and tips to make the process a little easier.



If you choose a hotel here are some pros and cons…

  • cramped quarters with everyone on top of each other in such a small space
  • you don’t have to clean all that much since they have cleaning crews
  • going with the cleaning crew you will most likely want to lock up the valuables you will not be taking with you each day in a safe (added time)
  • No need to worry about furniture or linens
  • Most hotels do not include full kitchens so you will have to eat out the whole vacation




If you choose a condo…

  • Fully furnished and kitchen with most things you will need
  • have to clean on your own for the week although some condos have cleaning services)
  • linens and towels provided
  • personal laundry room
  • cute guest book to sign and read about other guests experiences
  • lots of books and board games lend to a homey feel
  • Suggestions for local attractions and things to do
  • lovely decorations that the owners meticulously picked for the condo

The highlights for a house are pretty much the same as for a condo with a few differences


  • Lots of space to move around and have privacy from others on your vacation
  • If there is a pool it is your own and not shared with any strangers
  • Very private and peaceful

Here are some websites for great house rentals:


and believe it or not……

No matter which option you choose you always want to comparison shop. Look for the best price for the vacation experience that fits you.

Never send any money until you sign paperwork. There are a lot of people out there who will scam you into paying for some vacation place that doesn’t exist. Do your research and be sure it is legit.

Know exactly what is included so you can take full advantage of your time.

As with everything, when you go to a place unknown to you, have an emergency contact set up just in case. You want to enjoy yourself but you also want to be cautious of different things that could happen. Be prepared.



In conclusion, I just want to wish you a wonderful summer and I hope some of these suggestions and tips will help you in planning your next great vacation.

Live on the edge a little 🙂

Anyone have any other tips for different places to stay and what would be better for different sized families?

Have a great day! I hope I didn’t bore you to much.


Allie’s Mommy 😛

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