1. The #1 I have learned over time is that stuff just weighs you down. It’s better only to bring things into your home that you truly love and need rather than to have a bunch of stuff around, filling up your drawers, shelves, and closets. This list is a good place to start figuring out a personal system to stay organized. Everyone needs a system.

  2. alliesmommy

    Absolutely! We are in the middle of moving (which prompted this post) and going through all of our things is so overwhelming. We don’t even live in our own home! We have a bedroom and some use of a family room for our daughters toys (I also keep a lot of things at my moms). But, even now I can’t believe how many things I have already donated!!! I can’t imagine moving into a place of our own without an organization plan because I know I will wind up just filling all the space with stuff just because I can. 🙂

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