1. My theory is….just raise decent children. Don’t worry about who’s doing what and how they are doing it. Just do what feels right for your child. Treat them to love, share, respect, and care. Teach them to be curious and appreciate knowledge. Just be there for them and be there guide but remember this is their life not yours. Let them be who they want to be an be supportive always!

  2. I also agree that technology is a huge difference! It is such a fine line, as a teacher and mommy to two littles, I completely agree that kids need to be proficient in learning the use of technology, but it should be monitored and NOT used as a babysitter!

    • alliesmommy

      I think my mom actually did but she was also called a “Stepford wife” (as in perfect to a fault). I could never even try the things she did. We were always immaculately dressed and the house was sparkling clean. I don’t even try to reach her amazingness 🙂 I do find myself falling to the dark side of doing things because others think I should, But then I slap myself and come back to reality 🙂 Thank you so much for your response.

  3. I think that balance is the key. I take the healthy things that I agree with that my parents did and try to incorporate that into my parenting. I do that with pretty much every parent that I know, I apply what I like that they are doing. Kids need to learn about balance and priorities. It is a priority to me to have a clean house, but there are many times where it just doesn’t happen. I still instruct and guide my kids to be respectful of my space and theirs, but sometimes we just cuddle in front of the TV watching movies instead of cleaning up. I try everyday to have the balance between not having my kids be scared of me but them still respecting me as their mother and authority figure.

    • alliesmommy

      This is a very clear and concise explanation. Thank you so much for taking the time to reply!! Hope you are having a great weekend with your family!! Thanks again 🙂

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