7 Struggles of Being a Stay at Home Mom and other things

stay at home mom struggles

As mothers, we often put the needs of our child/ren before our own.

In day to day life, it doesn’t seem like there are ever enough hours to do all of the things we think we need to accomplish.

We beat ourselves up over every mistake, no matter how small, thinking that our child will definitely be upset over it.

“We simply must do everything perfectly all the time”.

In all actuality. making mistakes is a great life lesson for our children. It shows them that no one is perfect and it is okay to mess up sometimes.

We need to learn from our mistakes and move on to better ourselves.

Every day is a new opportunity to teach our children.

Being a parent is not easy, but loving your children is the biggest part.

All of the other stuff will fall into place at the right time.

Patience and consistency are the biggest things in raising children.


  • People are always asking “What do you DO all day?” (ignore them, your life is none of their business)
  • For most of the day, the only person you talk to besides yourself is under 5 years old. (it can be some very interesting conversation)
  • You are always reheating your coffee multiple times a day even though you ultimately only take about 3 sips. (maybe its more healthy for you)
  • Deciding if you actually want to get dressed for the day is a struggle in itself (If I’m not going anywhere, I don’t put on real pants… I’m not ashamed)
  • If there is an illness going around the school, you will get it, even if your child doesn’t actually show any symptoms.
  • The days you need to get things done during naptime… naptime lasts about 4.5 minutes.
  • You always seem to have an unidentifiable substance on your clothing and don’t realize it until you’re in public.

Parenting is hard.

No matter what we do, there will always be someone telling us that our way is wrong or we should not allow our child/ren to do this or that.

Do not give those people the time of day. No one else knows your little family the way you do, you are doing a great job! Keep it up!


After reading this post, what do you think is the biggest thing that you struggle with as a mother?

Let me know in the comments and please share this with your mom friends.


Hello, my name is Kristen Osborne I am a happy mother of one beautiful little girl. Very into the internet and trying out new things.

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