Who you gonna call?!? Ghostbusters Party Ideas

Tomorrow (June 8) is Ghostbusters Day!

I have gathered some fun ideas and activities to celebrate Ghostbusters Day with the kids (and a few tips for adults as well)

You don’t have to use them for tomorrow. If you have a Ghostbuster fan in the family, these would be great for an upcoming birthday party or other celebration.

“What he means is Old Testament, Mr. Mayor, real wrath-of-God type stuff.
Fire and brimstone coming down from the skies. Rivers and seas boiling.
Forty years of darkness. Earthquakes, volcanoes…
The dead rising from the grave.
Human sacrifice, dogs, and cats living together – mass hysteria”.

Party Ideas

1- Mini stay puft marshmallow men…

All you need is large and mini marshmallows and some vanilla frosting to keep them together. Have the kids build their own mini versions of the Stay Puft Marshmallow Man.

Have the kids build their own version of the Stay Puft Marshmallow Man.

2- Hire a Ghostbuster for your child’s party. (They are also fun for adult parties as well) 10/10 do recommend. There is most likely a group in your area. They also help each other out when needed.
Eastern Seaboard Ghostbusters (Bill McNeill)

Bill is a close friend of mine and is an all around awesome guy. Very outgoing and has a great sense of humor. Would be a perfect addition to a Ghostbusters themed party.

“Eastern Seaboard Ghostbusters are a cosplay group with a love of the Ghostbusters and the 1980’s in general”.

With Ernie Hudson (Winston Zeddemore)

“Best Group”  at Chicago ComicCon


Any of the Ghostbuster cosplay groups would be great for your child’s next party.

3- Watch Ghostheads on Netflix:

Ghostheads is a documentary that explores the extreme side of the Ghostbusters fandom and looks back at the impact the franchise has had on the world over the past three decades. Through interviews with key cast and crew, including Dan Aykroyd, Ivan Reitman, Ernie Hudson and much more, as well as with Ghostbusters fans all over the world, Ghostheads presents countless humanizing stories that will connect with audiences about comradery, overcoming obstacles, and that no one should ever feel alone or isolated. Ghostheads will show what really separates a fandom from the rest. Every Ghosthead is unique. Every Franchise is its own.”

4- Make slimer goo:

  • Add a few drops of green food coloring into 1 cup of warm water.
  • Pour the water into a bowl filled with 2 cups of cornstarch.
  • Mix everything together with your fingers.
  • Add more water/cornstarch, if needed.
  • Make as many batches as you need
  • Place each batch into small mason jars to give to each child.

5- Make edible “slime”: Just mix up some Lime Jell-O and allow to set in small 1 serving cups.

6- Watch the original movie and make it a game.


Assign each child a word or phrase (Ghostbusters, I ain’t afraid of no ghost, slimer or who you gonna call? etc.) and they get a point every time that word/phrase is said in the movie.

Have cute little Ghostbuster themed prizes for the winners.



7- Coloring pages:

Ghostbusters Day for Parents

Have a nice cocktail and relax while the kids run around “bustin'” ghosts.


  • Ingredients:
  • 1 Smirnoff Red, White & Berry 50 ml Shot
  • 1 Lemon Lime Jell-O Cup 5.5 oz
  • 2 Hi-C Ecto Cooler Drink Boxes
  • Lemon Slices
  • Fresh Thyme
  • Crushed Ice
  1. In a medium size saucepan over med-high heat, add one (1) lemon-lime Jell-O cup and two (2) Hi-C Ecto Cooler drink boxes.
  2. Using a whisk, stir until the jello completely dissolves.
  3. Pour the mixture into a large measuring cup and chill in the freezer for thirty minutes (30 min).
  4. Prepare glasses by placing a thin slice of lemon into the bottom of each glass and adding crushed ice.
  5. Remove the jell-o/juice mixture from the freezer; the mixture should be slimy but drinkable and add one (1) Smirnoff Red, White & Berry 50 ml shot and stir slightly. Place back into the freezer for ten (10) minutes.
  6. Remove the green slime from the freezer and pour over crushed ice.
  7. Garnish each glass with a slice of lemon and a sprig of fresh thyme.
  8. Serve.

Ecto-Slimer Drink


  • Lemon Lime Gatorade
  • ice
  • melon liqueur
  • vodka
  1. Mix a large amount Sky vodka with Midori liqueur
  2. Add lemon/lime Gatorade powder and stir
  3. Rookies add ice
  4. Be CAREFUL the electrolytes will rush the vodka into your bloodstream faster than you think.


Drinking Game Rules

One shot of your choice when:

  • The protection grid is turned off
  • They cross the streams
  • Venkman gets slimed

Drink during the duration of:

  • Anytime a trap is open
  • The Ghostbusters commercial (good luck)

One drink every time you see:

  • A knit vest
  • A Ghostbuster smoke
  • Ghostbusters being “discreet”
  • Louis get locked out
  • A pole
  • Ted & Annette Fleming
  • Bogus Science
  • A PKE meter
  • A hellhound
  • Stay Puft
  • Religious people praying for salvation
  • Ghostbuster swag

One drink every time you hear:

  • Pseudoscience jargon
  • “Gatekeeper”
  • Winston speak (per scene)
  • “Mass sponge migration”
  • “Scientist”
  • “Storage facility”
  • “keymaster”
  • Egon deadpan a joke
  • “Gozer”
  • Ghostbuster theme music
  • “Zhuul”
  • The Ghostbusters refer to each other by name

For those hardcore drinkers:

  • Drink every time Venkman is sarcastic
  • Drink every time you hear “Ghostbusters”

I hope you got some fun ideas from this post. Whether it be for a fun kids party or an adult gathering.


Happy Ghostbusters Day!!!






Hello, my name is Kristen Osborne I am a happy mother of one beautiful little girl. Very into the internet and trying out new things.

May birthday celebration and favorites for the month



The month of May has been a fun-filled whirlwind of activity. Especially so for this past week.

Allie turned 3 on May 21 and we took a 2 night trip to Baltimore, Maryland for her birthday celebration.

The first night we just relaxed in the hotel room and had a nice, quiet dinner from a place called Dinosaur Barbecue.

We got a family meal of brisket, chicken, and spare ribs along with mac and cheese, collard greens (which I absolutely LOVE) and fries. Everything was so good! 10 out of 10 do recommend 🙂

Then the next morning we had a nice little breakfast in the hotel before we left.

We walked from our hotel to the Baltimore Aquarium. Allie loved seeing all the little fish, especially the ones that looked like Nemo and Dory!

She liked the Turtle that was missing a flipper…

Also loved seeing the Dolphins (which are mommies favorite). She did not enjoy the sharks so much. But, we made up for that by getting her a plush Nemo at the gift shop. She carried it around for the rest of the day and most of the night 🙂

Then, we went to a few of the stores at The Inner Harbor. One of which was Barnes and Noble where we got Allie a few books for her birthday and Mommy and Daddy got some much-needed coffee.

We walked back to the hotel to rest for a few hours before dinner. Allie was very tired from all the excitement, so she took a pretty long nap.

When she woke up we decided that we wanted to walk back to the Inner Harbor to go to The Cheesecake Factory for dinner.

It was a great day for all. Allie had a wonderful time.

The next morning we went to breakfast at the hotel again. Then we checked out and headed to the Maryland Zoo at Baltimore.

We had never been to this particular zoo. We were very excited to see all the animals here.

Mommy was especially excited to see the baby giraffe Willow and her mommy and daddy. I was not disappointed 🙂

  birthday celebration and favorites list

Willow and her Aunts on the Left (Willow’s Mommy, Juma, on the right)

Willow on the left (she is so cute!) (Willow and her Aunts on the right)

These last two are Willow and her mommy Juma! So pretty 🙂

We also saw a rhinosaurus who was more active than the one at the Philadelphia Zoo, which was very cool.

Mommy and Allie saw an elephant for the first time. Allie was not that into the elephant though.

We also saw an Arctic fox for the first time and he was so cute!

I highly recommend going to the Maryland Zoo in Baltimore.

They have some really wonderful animals. The habitats for these animals are not only great for viewing, but they also seem very happy living there.

The enclosures are large and look much like what I believe they would in the wild.

The animals are much more active because I believe that they are less anxious being in such a natural area. There is very little noise pollution from highways since the Zoo itself is so far back in the woods.

All in all, we had a great time in Baltimore as a little family. The trip was a huge success and Allie had a wonderful Birthday.

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Next week’s post is on the National Days of June. Get ready to plan some fun activities for the family to enjoy!



Hello, my name is Kristen Osborne I am a happy mother of one beautiful little girl. Very into the internet and trying out new things.