Ready to eat some potatoes and cabbage…

Considering that tomorrow is Saint Patrick’s Day and most of us have a nice Irish dinner, I want to devote this post to the top 7 most popular Irish dishes for Saint Patty’s Day.

I am starting with my favorite. Mostly because it is so very easy to make and yummy to eat ūüôā


Ham/Corned Beef and Cabbage:

This is an interesting read- Origin of ham/corned beef  RECIPE


Irish Blue Cheese Fondue:

Not much I could find about this dish, but it sounds pretty tasty RECIPE


Cheddar Topped Shepherd’s Pie:

Recommended Reading  RECIPE


Irish Beef Hand Pies:

A timeline of Irish foods  RECIPE


Irish Stew:

WIkipedia on Irish Stew  RECIPE


Corned beef and cabbage pizza:

Just thought this would be a nice add in for leftovers RECIPE


Roast Rack of Lamb:

Good Read  RECIPE


So that is my list. If you have anything different that your family does or some dessert ideas feel free to comment them.

I love all of these recipes. I am part Irish and I think it shows. I don’t drink much but when it comes to potatoes and bread dishes… sign me up. I love all of it.

Have a wonderful and safe St. Patrick’s Day!!!

Thank you for reading, hopefully I didn’t bore you to much.


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