Valentine’s Recap: A week in the Life

This is going to be a running diary… Valentine’s Recap of the past week.

Friday February 10 2017

This week has been pretty full. We did a lot of projects and had a lot of fun.

Allie and mommy did not make the crafts we planned to do because I did not have the supplies we needed. So we improvised and made some quick Valentine’s for the family.

Valentine’s Day Scrapbook page





Allie decided to take a break and have a snack.


Saturday February 11 2017

Allie’s daddy and I celebrated Valentine’s Day together. Allie spent the night with her mom-mom and cousin Kaila.

We stayed the night at a Courtyard Marriot Suite. Which I will say now was really not worth the money we spent for one night. But, if you don’t mind spending a chunk of money to sleep and shower it was a pretty nice room.

Sunday February 12 2017

Went to my moms with breakfast for everyone. Sat around and talking and relaxing for a bit before going home.

Monday February 13 2017

Today, I woke up feeling like death warmed over. I got nothing done and pretty much just relaxed and drank lots of hot tea.

Tuesday February 14 2017

It isn’t even 8:30 on this Tuesday morning and I am at the bottom of my coffee cup contemplating another. Allie isn’t yet awake and I should still be in bed. But I am a masochist…. no, not really. I just wanted to get some things done before she woke up…

Breakfast is made and waiting for her. The pan I used to cook is clean. A load of laundry is started.

And the geese are celebrating Valentine’s Day. There are two, right now, out back in the field. They are honking like crazy just walking along next to each other. Honestly, if the sound wasn’t so annoying I’d say it was pretty romantic.

If Allie doesn’t wake up by 9:00 I am going to have to wake her up myself. I don’t like the idea of that, but if I don’t she will take a very late afternoon nap and then be up all night. The sacrifices we make as moms.

How was your Valentine’s Day? Did you celebrate yet or are you waiting for the weekend?

Are you planning a family celebration or are you having a romantic evening out?

Whatever you plan to do, I hope you have a wonderful, loving experience.

Hello, my name is Kristen Osborne I am a happy mother of one beautiful little girl. Very into the internet and trying out new things.

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